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About tat2wrap

Trends have come and gone, but tattoos have only become more and more popular. Since 1999, the number of households with a tattoo wearing person has gone up 25%, now including nearly half of all US households. However, workplace standards have remained strict.

That is what we here at tat2wrap are here to help you with. Our sleeves are designed to conceal your arm tattoos, and do so while being breathable, comfortable, fashionable. They are machine washable and made of 100% cotton, ensuring that you wont miss a step and can go the whole day with them. Their elastic construction allows for the wrap to adjust to virtually any arm!

We are committed to providing the best product to our customers, and we do it with unbeatable service. Our Ebay storefront has 100 percent positive feedback on thousands of sales (and we do mean thousands), giving you the confidence to buy from the best in the business.

The Best Value

In addition to providing the best customer service and products, we also do it while having the best value in the business! Our competitors charge more for their products, and only sell one sleeve per item. Here at tat2wrap, all orders come as a pair, giving you the best value and convenience of having a proper pair of sleeves.

Our Sleeves

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  • Tattoo Arm Wrap

    Arm Tattoo Cover Sleeves – 13 inch

    $9.95 plus tax
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  • Arm Tattoo Cover Sleeves – 16 inch

    $11.95 plus tax
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